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Chase The Sun

One Voice
In Between
Away From You
Sure Shot
Old Friend
Chase The Sun
Fade Away
Health And Wealth

One Voice

1999 and the stakes is high.
Our options have come down
To either we do or we die.
We need You now more than ever.
Pull out all of the strife in the church,
Get us together.
Is time running out?
I canít say I do know.
We have one day less
Than we did yesterday.
So itís up to us to unite,
You wanna fight the power?
You need the power to fight.

And can we sing with one voice,
If we all love the same God?
Can we agree to disagree?
And so we cry with one voice
To the only God in all the universeó
Who holds us in His hands.

No more time
For us to bicker and complain.
If weíre called by the same name,
Thereís nowhere for us to lay the blame,
Except for ourselves.
And if we died to our old selves
To come alive as Godís flesh,
That makes us family.
Deeper than death,
But we donít act so tight
When thereís a back to bite.
Are we less like a family, and
More like a fistfight?
Are we there, but not quite
Are hypocrites children of light?



As I was b-o-u-n-d bound,
By the name of J-e-s-u-s,
To v-i-c-t-o-r-y, I am f-r-double e,
You are mine, I call up you,
Because you look so very strong,
Through C-h-r-i-s-t, through
Christ we are bound to win.

Hallelujah to the Lamb!
Yeah hallelujah, I am saved.
Through Christ we are bound to win.


In Between

Please allow me to introduce me.
Half of me slave, the other half free.
Righteous and sinful,
Both at the same time.
Iniquity and purity
Fill up the same mind.
And out of the same mouth,
The holy and profane.
I curse all my brothers,
Then I bless Christís name.
I hang in the balance,
But still Iím secure.
Iím leaning towards evil,
But striving to be pure.

I stand between the saint and the
Sinner, chasing after holiness, close
Enough to grasp, but still itís just
Beyond my reach.

Who I am is in between,
What I wanna be and what I am.
Pulling from both sides,
Humility and pride.
One seeks to give,
The other to be gratified.
In any case, however,
I know Iím in need.
Two appetites in me,
Which one do I feed?
Running fast as I can
After elusive perfection.
No Iím not there yet,
But sure IĎm in the right direction.
Cuz I see me at the end
And I look glorified.
Justified safe inside,
So I seek to be sanctified.


Away From You

Say, you got a minute friend?
Because Iíd like to tell you something.
You may think nothing of it,
But wait...youíre gonna love it.
What if I told you I held
The one true philosophy?
Would you hear me out
Or just turn your back
And laugh at me?
Lord, I just donít understand
This strange creature you call man.
Who thinks he lives by his own
Hand, but I know.

Thereís no life away from you.

So I will remain still and silent,
For fear of the words I may say.
And am I still in my defiance,
When Iím trying so hard to obey?



Side by side,
Driving the same highway.
Leaving behind everything
And everyone you love.
The cost to pay,
To tell the world of Jesus.
Hoping that these bridges burned
Will not be just in vain.

It helps to think that somewhere
Youíre feeling just the same.
And donít take even
A moment for granted.
Donít lose heart
When the world crashes down.

How many miles ahead?
I canít count the ones behind.
To all the friends that weíve collected,
All the people we respect.
For the hope and joy
That comes with you.
We made this up and write it down
And dedicate this song to you.

No turning back,
And canít say that I regret it.
When ever day,
Godís promises testify themselves.
Sometimes itís hard,
And the road keeps stretching longer.
Tonight my wifeís a longing voice
On a Holiday Inn phone.

How many miles ahead?
I canít count the ones behind.
I wish you Godís speed, friend.
Youíre always on my mind.
Will you remember me, say,
Seven years from now?
And where will we be then?
Well, Iím here for you now.



I strike back like the empire
And weíll televise the revolution.
What will save you
From divine retribution?
Do our part, try to make a contribution.
Playin at 11, giviní OC noise pollution.
Think long and hard
About our world todayÖ
What needs to be said,
And what I need to say.
Weíre a tower of Babel
Built on anti-philosophy,
Nietzche in the west
And krishna in the east.

War rages on through generations.
All of these christians
Abandoned their stations.
A whole world around us,
That weíve ceased to reach
An army of soldiers,
Weíve neglected to teach.
But, itís dim and not pitch black.
The truth will prevail.
If our God is for us, how can we fail?
No surer hope has ever been rested.
But for our adversaryís worthy,
Prepare to be tested.

Hoo, Hah.
How will you stand
If you donít understand?
Hoo, Hah.
Fight like a man, scriptures in hand.

And here we standÖnaked, barehanded.
Futily prepared,
For the blows to be landed.
Presuppositions is all you can stand.
Can you twist their wrist
When they lay a hand on?
Learn how to fight
From words on a paper.
Learn from the shoguns,
Bahnsen and Schaeffer.
Invincible army,
Hold Spirit our general.
Weapons are formed
From most precious of minerals.

Kids in universities,
Drowning in an ocean
Of apostate philosophy.
We need apologetic instructionÖ
Mental reconstruction.
Ignorance reduction,
To halt the mass abduction.
Evangelical mind
Has been scandalized.
Wisdom and truth
Have been vandalized,
By the unevangelized.
No truth in a world
That is randomized.
Expose the lies
No matter how theyíre disguised.


Sure Shot

I wanna do the right thing.
I wanna be the sure shot.
I wanna have my mind straight.
I wanna have my point got.
I wanna be a good man.
I wanna have my act down.
I wanna be the future.
And I wanna be right now.

Sometime I feel
Like I can change the world.
But I donít know where to start.
I dig and come up empty,
Clutching an empty heart.

I wanna see a life change.
I wanna see a new man.
I wanna fight the good fight.
I wanna take the right stand.
I wanna be like Jesus.
I wanna pour my heart out.
I wanna pick my cross up.
I wanna hear the mob shout.

I'm wide awake
And thinking about the cross,
The Trinity apart.
I dig and come up empty,
Clutching an empty heart.


Old Friend

What do I know? Somebody tell me.
Iíve been running from you for so long.
Please help me Lord.
Find my direction.
I just canít do it on my own.

You life me up. You rescue me.
Itís good to be with You,
Old friend.

Sometimes I think,
How can You love me?
My thoughts are so far from your own.
Why choose me Lord?
Iím a poor reflection.
Why use me to make yourself known?


Chase The Sun

Welcome to the epicenter,
Where we got spring and summer,
But we skip the winter.
Feel free to enter
The zone of the Supertones,
Where late into the night we just
Rock the microphone.
We lived inside the fault lines
Beneath the earthís surface.
Spendiní all our time
Readiní books and writiní verses.
The earth started shakiní
From the noise we were makin'.
We emerged from the rubble,
OC was taken.
With the music came the message,
So we rock the verbs.
Still neutral as a nazi
So forget what you heard.
We never leave the cross behind,
We use it as our banner,
Scripture the vernacular,
Jesus in the grammar.

Throw your hands up,
Throw your hands up high!
Tear the roof off and pull down the sky!
Chase the sun back to California,
Tears in my eyes.
Tell me where youíre from,
The mighty west side!
Let me continue
To lighten up the mood a little.
Never number one,
But never playiní second fiddle.
My thoughts are like a circle,
With Jesus in the middle.
Rhyme for a reason,
I donít rhyme to riddle
High emotions like Iím yelliní,
No need to be alarmed.
Supertones is what your smelliní.
If lovin' youís a crime,
Then baby Iím a felon.
Where we go from here,
My people, thereís no telliníÖ
Are you ready to go
When itís time to get
Back on the road just to see you?
On this narrow path
We got no time to dally.
Follow my lead
And chase the sun back to Cali.


Fade Away

Seems like I spent the past three year,
Just struggling with these ideas.
And the more I learn,
The less I really know.
But to the things I do, I will hold tight.
Because I didnít win them
Without a fight.
Itís all I have and Iím not letting go.

Iíve never been less perfect than today.
Is my heart or is my mind
Whatís in the way?
Iím listening with nothing left to say.
Savior make this dimness fade away.

Confusion come so easily.
Like cancer, it kills gradually.
You canít recall
When the light began to fade.
But Iíll grab truth with both my hands,
Hold it close tilí I understand,
Face the light and will not be afraid.

Iím so much stronger
Than I was just yesterday.
I can see clearly now.
Lord, make this dimness fade away.



Change me into what you want to,
Hardened as this clay might be.
Youíre the potter, Iím the vessel.
Make me what you want of me.
Please forgive my obstination,
So seldom on my knees.
And I will keep it to a whimper,
As the great physician works in me.

Hanani, here am I.

Father, make me like the Savior.
All my hope is found in Him.
Help me just reach resignation.
Hanani Lord, work in me.
Please forgive my obstination,
So seldom on my knees.
And I will keep it to a whimper,
As the great physician works in me.





Health And Wealth

Poor men bound in persecution,
Godís their portion everyday.
But we donít know anybody
Who lives that way.
There the church grows stronger,
Under politics and chains and whips.
They canít explain how they slipped right through their grip.
A purifying persecution
In the politics of Mao Tse-Tung.
I think they got it right,
So maybe we got it wrong.

Health and wealth, we help ourselves,
And let them play the hand
That theyíve been dealt.
Health and wealth, indulge ourselves,
A big fat belly underneath our belts.
Health and wealth we help ourselves,
And let them play the hand
That theyíve been dealt.
Weíll never understand
The Christ theyíve felt,
If we keep on chasing
Health and wealth

Here we sit so comfy, rich.
Us, my and you, the USAÖ
So far away from C-h-i-n-a.
We think they need freedom.
Weíre the ones in prison.
We donít have the time
To change the world.
It doesnít take long to figure it out,
Where all our money goes.
Weíre the poorest billionaires
Jesus knows.
And we ask God to refine us,
And pray that we would be freed,
From all our comfortable gods,
Out straining and striving and
Chasing the wind.



Share this brief quiet moment with me.
Let the lights and smoke all fade away.
And thereís nothing left but Jesus,
And no one left but you.
Where will you go from here?

Welcome to the end of time well spent.
I hope the words Iím singiní
Find you well.
But, donít miss the message.
Thereís no greater truth.
Take refuge in His heart.