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Slushball Derkins

Nothing Left To Say
Tough Love
Come Clean

Nothing Left To Say

Lord You are my strength, and my happiness
And I can't imagine, feeling any different than this
Lord You are my joy, when I'm feeling down
And I know that You'll be there for me, when I fall face first to the ground

Since You know the way I feel, for You today
I guess I've got nothing left, nothing left to say

Lord You are my God, You gave me life so I could live
And I want to worship You, so up to You my praise I give
Lord You've given me, all that I could need
Opened my eyes when I was blind, so that I could finally see



Seventeen years on the street
Trying to make all my ends meet
But it's not working out that way
It's all coming back again
I can't remember where I've been
And I don't know what to say

I thought I'd lost, my grip on reality
Then Jesus came, saved me from the depths, and gave me eternity

I thought that I was all alone
Locked from the inside, out in the cold
But I didn't know how wrong I was
Jesus has always been my friend
There for me time and again
He always loved me just because

I was lost, alone, and I had nothing left to give
Fading away and I didn't know just how to live
Then He picked me up when I fell down
And put my feet back on the ground


Tough Love

I can see you're still mad
But it had to be said
I couldn't watch in silence anymore
Seeing you there
It just made me sick
I can tell the subjects still sore

Then I look back and see
You still sitting there
And you feel betrayed
Just because I cared
You're so full of hate
Why did you fight
I think I know
You know I'm right

Now and Again
I still look back
To see if I was in the wrong
I've felt some guilt
Maybe I cause you pain
Maybe it was my fault all along


Come Clean

Hey man where you going? Don't you see me standing here
Why are you in such a hurry? You pass by but steer clear
What are you so afraid of? What are you running from?
What is it you won't tell me? When will this come undone?

You sit around and worry
Bout things you've done and things that you've seen
Why don't you just stop running?
Why don't you just come clean?

Still you hide it away you bury it down deep
Don't you know that you'll get burned by all the secrets that you keep?
You don't think I can tell what's going on inside
Why don't you just give it up? What do you have to hide?