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Open Eyes
Step Away
Free Me
Know Way


The path we chose to walk on puts us
At a crossroad in our lives
But as long as I stand beside you
I know you'll never leave my side

And it's you who makes the love shine in my life
And it's you who brings a tear to my eyes
And it's you who picks me up when I fall
And it's you...

When I think of you I see a beauty that
Cannot be described by words
Then I sit and my mind goes and wanders
When I see those thoughts of you and
Love comes shining through
When I think of you all I want to do
Is share the goodnews



Come one, come all, to see the persecution of man
The end of the world is now, so take your stand
Don't hesitate in chance you might be too late
The coming of the Lord will determine your fate
The revolution has begun
The time to give your life has come
Christ awaits you with open arms
So open your heart to Him
Blood has been spilled, a prophecy fulfilled
The Lord is coming down. our future is revealed
The time to change is now
The book has been wrote so come on
Hurting people, and jump on the gospel boat
You've given your life to Christ
For He had paid the price
Crucified for you, salvation comin' through
Heavens opened up, the skies are lookin' blue
Jesus Christ, the Lord, means eternal life for you



Knock, knock it's Jesus there
He's at the door to your heart
Let him in, the forgiver of your sin
Let's make a brand new start
Power, Jesus Christ
Savior, of our lives
Talk is talk, but you have to walk
The walk, or you'll be counted out
Realize that the world's a wicked place
And Jesus is the only way out


Open Eyes

A man walks down the street
Snd we close our eyes
Because he is filthy and homeless
So we don't even look twice
Under his arm ther's a Bible and
A look of peace in his eyes
This man also loves Jesus, so
Just open up your eyes
Love your brother, any form
Shape, and size because no one
Looks perfect except in Jesus' eyes
Take time to know your brothers
And open up their eyes
A boy sleeps under a bridge
Mad from the world's lies. he sees you,
Preaching to the crowd, and comes to seek Jesus Christ
And when you tell him about the Lord
You will see the fear in his eyes...
Jesus tugging at his heart
The Lord opened up his eyes...
We go through life with our eyes closed
And we turn off the people who need us the most
We gotta take time to know one another
We gotta take time to love all our brothers



I feel Your presence when I'm on my knees
Asking for forgiveness, Lord, hear my cries and pleas...
I know You're there Lord, I know You care
I know You set me free, but I'm still scared
I know You're there, but I'm still scared...
Through prayer, Lord, I see the works You've done
In my life, even when the times get hard
You lift me up into Your light...
I know You're there, Lord, I know You care
I know You set me free, but I'm still scared



Repercussions of what once was said
The words just came flying out of my head
I didn't mean to offend you, I didn't mean any harm
I just wanted you to pick up your cross and come along
The Lord calls us to make a stand
To be bold and preserve in them
Cause if you do, you will save yourself
And those who hear the Word
Just tryin' to keep you on the right track
Because I care my friend
Don't want to see you sliding back
And now that you love the Lord
And you're coming along fine
Be diligent and give yourself to Him
Everyone is so caught up in trying
To save the world straying away from God,
The whole reason why we're here
Don't you know that's why God sent His Son
To die for our sins?
So that we can deny ourselves
And be whole again


Step Away

I take the time to understand
That life is just a living men.
And so I realize what I must be do.
I set my flesh aside.
I let you through and I see all the works you do.
I love you, Lord and I don't say it enough.
So I just want to give my life to you.
I step away from myself.
We are here together, like we've been once before,
But this time there's something different.
You let Jesus through the door...
Step away from myself...


Free Me

Striving forward, not looking to the past.
Sanctification to free me at last.
On the rise, I feel the world all around me,
But the lord has come to give new life to me..
Free me.
Justification of my ways
I see the goal, but it seems so far away.
God give me the strength to carry on
Until I've past and Your will has been done...
Father I'm on my knees.
Lord Jesus, come and fill me.
Without you, I am nothing.
Oh Lord I am nothing.
And I will serve until your coming.


Know Way

I don't know how you can tell me
That I don't understand.
I've been on those shoes before
And I made my plan.
I don't want to hear those lies.
I don't want to hear those cries.
I don't want to live that way again.
I don't want to live that way again.
I found my way out;
The Savior from my sin,
He takes away all the misery and pain,
So you won't have to live that way again..



Not to judge, but to encourage.
Look inside and search your soul.
Can't you see the hypocrisy?
It's inside you and it's inside me.
I'll make a promise to you: someday
The Lord will come and take us away.
No more suffering, no more hate and sorrow.
Just love, sweet love.
From a God of mercy.
No matter how hard we try,
That doesn't assure our salvation.
Sometimes it's hard,
But if we all stand together,
We'll make it through and see the Lord together, forever.
No matter, we'll see the Lord together, forever, together.
The unpulled weeds within the mass,
The don't represent the truth I see.
The fallen leaders of the Chruch,
They don't represent the truth in me.


So Far From Home

Standing next to you,
What am I supposed to do?
Time says feelings change,
But to me its all the same?
I'm still here,
But I'm all alone.
I'm still near,
But so far from home.
I'm still here,
But I'm all alone.
I'm still near,
But so far from home.
Take me as I am.
Please won't you hold my hand.
Feelings never change,
Cosequence is the same
I'm still here,
But I'm all alone. I'm still near,
But so far from home.
I'm still here,
But I'm all alone.
I'm still near,
But so far from home.