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Great Lengths

Great Lengths
Wonder Why
Merry Go Round
The Love I Know
It's You Jesus
Trials Turned To Gold
Blind Man, Deaf Boy
See The Sun
Grace Of God
Last Breath
Life Goes On

Great Lengths

here i am once again
to the sky
kneeling to the sands shedding my
knowing You'll forget everything

why didn't i go to such great lengths to
try to please You
instead i tried to please myself
in the end when your heart is broken
i see the folly of trying to please myself

i have not yet arrived
quiet my desires till they die
until they die
or align with Your will

[Chorus 2x]


Wonder Why

you know for certain that you are a liar
you told me yourself you know the Truth
but you won't put two and two together
you know the sum would expose you

and you wonder why you feel this way
and you wonder how long it will take to heal
and you wonder what you did to get here
and you wonder who will save you from you

you've tried everything that has been in your reach
but none of it seems to satisfy
so like a man lost at sea
your thirst leads you to drink the water
the more you drink, the more your throat runs dry
and you wonder why

[Chorus 2x]


Merry Go Round

didn't i just see your face
last time that i was here
weren't you standing in that place
was it you or me that disappeared
did you tell me about your problem
did i offer a solution
maybe i could help you out
in the coming revolution

but i don't understand
when i reach for your hand
why i can't hold it long
but you're hurting inside
so i'll get off this ride
cause i don't want to be
just another horse on the merry go round
i'm starting to see another course
well it's time i got down

didn't know when i bought this ticket
to ride life's carousel
that i would be more than a minute
gone away from the One i love so well
i was drawn to the main attraction
mesmerized by it's appeal
now it's all become distraction
how can i return to what is real


time i got down
time i got down


The Love I Know

he painted 'i love you' on the bridge
then watched them burn
she bet all she had upon the love
now she's holding her cards
and lost her turn
two hearts in search of wholeness
both willing to risk it all
could true love have fled so easily
leaving both broken from the fall

not the Love i know

[Chorus A]
it knows no boundaries
keeps no record of wrongs
....that's the Love i know
it takes the good with the bad
and it fights to stay strong
....that's the Love i know
this Love always finds a way
to carry on
that's the Love i know

he sits all alone
and stares into an empty sky
she goes through all her mixed emotions
trying to find a reason why
was their pride to big to swallow
was their hurt to big to heal
could they find some understanding
find forgiveness that's real

that's the Love i know

[Chorus B]
it speaks in kindness
its seeks only what's true
....that's the Love i know
a love without condition
it looks to renew
....that's the Love i know
it knows that when hope seems gone
hope will come through
that's the Love i know

the Love i know comes from a holy God to man
isn't it time that you received it
are you starting to understand
the Love i know

that's the Love i know

[Chorus B]


It's You Jesus

i'm looking for peace
i'm hoping to find
something to slow down
the hands of time
it's all slipping away... slipping away
moving so fast
it's out of my reach
and out of my grasp
i'm searching for Truth
i know it must be
somewhere just around the corner from me
i've been feeling a need... feeling a need
for something inside
a need for a change
a change in my life

[Chorus A]
and it's You
....only You and You alone
You found me so deep in the dark
and You called out my name
yes, You
....only You and You alone
You gave me someplace to start
to start over again
it's You

i was looking for hope
in my dim lit ideals
thinking i might stumble
onto something that's real
but so many years... so many years
of being so blind
of holding my own
of saying i'm fine
then You gave me faith
but not of my own
and it brought both the peace and hope
like i'd never known
You said You'd forgive... said You'd forgive
if i would believe
that You were the son
of a God yet unseen

[Chorus B]
and it's You
....only You and You alone
You gave me the faith to believe
and the mercy to see
that it's You
....only You and You alone
You gave me all of my worth
by loving me first


[Chorus A]


Trials Turned To Gold

He's brought me here
where things are clear
and trials turn to gold
He's shared with me
His victory
He won in days of old
oh Lord, i don't deserve
the riches of Your world
but You changed my filthy rags
to linen white as snow

the view from here
is nothing near
to what it is for You
i've tried to see
Your plan for me
but i only acted like i knew
oh Lord, forgive the times
i've tried to read your mind
cause You said if i'd be still
then i would hear Your voice

my Lord, my King
my urge to sing
and praise the things above
now words could say
the glorious way
You've changed me with Your love
He's brought me here
where things are clear
and trials turned to gold


Blind Man, Deaf Boy

The roof caved in
and the walls crumbled
and there i stood exposed
clutching my chest in fear
how'd i end up here
bad decisions
one right after the other
moved like waves pulled by the moon
like a puppet who's tugged on by string
like water tumbling down stream
i was lost

[Chorus A]
blind man, deaf boy
and the Lover of me
and were did it lead to
i fought for air as i was drowning
in that rushing stream
as the water poured over me

off the bridge i threw my heart
as if it didn't matter
i walked the edge so fearlessly
blindfolded by my lustful eyes
deafened by a string of lies
but You saw me there
in my same condition
Your eyes held me in Your stare
You gazed into my empty soul
spoke the words the burned a hole
in my heart

[Chorus B]
blind man, deaf boy
now see and hear
did you think that I'd not find you
don't you know that I'm the lover souls
and I came to be near
from this very earth I made you

some of us like sheep have gone astray
some of us like fools live for today
and then it's gone
and you're left with nothing
you fight to hold it all inside your hands
somehow we think we'll understand
what no eye has ever seen and no mind comprehended

[Chorus B]


See The Sun

never imagined that you'd be here again
yet another season of doubt has set in
the warm september rains have gone, gone away
the trust that you held in your heart isn't there
now you're fighting your fears but they never fight fair
gone are all the endless summer days

i believe that they're still there
though the storms will surely
so let me ask you can you look to the sky
and strain to see the sun again

you harbor the hurt and you shelter the pain
too proud to confess that you'd fallen again
but don't you long for mercy's tender embrace
remember the works you spoke from your heart
it's a pity those phrases have fallen apart
gone is every promise that you made


will you keep fooling yourself
how long will you run till you're gasping for air
you ran when the shadows grew long
you thought the sun fell from the sky
but i tell you you're wrong


Grace Of God

i am more than this flesh and bone
by myself i wander the streets alone
but when my dream is over and morning creeps on in
i pull the covers back and i feel your warmth again

there is something inside
that i can't explain
but by the grace of God i
am made whole again
in the times i have fallen
and when i felt the shame
yet by the grace of God i
am made whole again
in the times i have fallen
and when i felt the shame
yet by the grace of God i
am made whole again

sold in my pride i said i know
so i bought the lie and chained my soul
but mercy runs deep and seeks to fill
an empty well of shadow that
one day will reveal



Last Breath

i'm not here to reform you
nor am i here to take you away
i've been sent with a message
and now moving off in a south-bound parade

if this were my last breath
i tell you where i'll be
then i'd ask you if you'd be there with me

nobody knows how long you will be here
still you hazard your faith
as my last day grows closer
i rest in the confidence i have been saved

[Chorus 2x]

you don't know how long
and i don't know how long


Life Goes On

the sun will shine
i'll smile from time to time
and sin the song
cause life goes on

but it won't mean a thing
without you and the love you bring
it won't mean a thing
without you

the wounds will heal
starting over ain't no big deal
the rebuilt rome
and life goes on


the lesson learned
we all must take our turn
and carry on
cause life goes on