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Sumo Surprise

Body Juggler
South Capitol Street
Ooklah The Punk
Tract Boy
Scared Am I
Spice Drops
Shrinky Dinks
Super Sumo
Knock Knock
Dry Run

Body Juggler

she can only see past certain views
she doesn't think that she will lose
and with this we just cannot get along
I must admit I like her a lot
this infatuation just wont stop
and in the end I know I must be wrong

I wonder, I wonder why

indication of infatuation
complicates this situation
is making me search out a real escape
this creation of this relation
and concentration of admiration
has got me dum and all bent out of shape

but I'm ignorant, stubborn and stupid I wont take the time to give in
to the fact that I must wait and let him show me where to begin
if I go ahead and try to find her by myself I'll make a mistake
when will I learn that this big decision is not mine to fully make

with this now that I must mention
so I can stop this stupid tension
to free myself from feeling selfish greed
my sinful motives and bad intentions
has been brought to my attention
and even now I know I deny need



It was a soft summer night when you came into my life
I thought it was a dream when your hand reached out for me
there was something there that I couldn't compare
and I knew that you were the only one for me
seasons change

It was a cool autumn's eve when you sensed that I was leaving
a tear came to your eye but I just let it run dry
you said don't go away but I just left you anyway
I wasn't sure if you were the one for me
seasons change

It was a cold winter's morning I had been up all night crying
I knew I'd done you wrong, I'd been astray for oh so long
I'm on my knees in pain I wish things had stayed the same
and I just hope that you will take me back
seasons change

It was a warm spring's night when you let me back inside
I thought it was a dream but you still cared for me
your love filled my heart nothing could tear us apart
and I knew that you were the only one for me
seasons change


South Capitol Street

If I understood back then what is so easy to see now
I could have stopped myself from falling far behind
the changes I want will only come if I can turn things down
so I search my heart where I know he lies but then I turn around

I should have walked away

With each passing day I feel the way I did the day before
and the things that haunt me stay the same I won't let them go
I pray and ask for help but then walk down that cursed road
where one waits with what I crave and my lusting hunger grows

Sometimes I must give up things that I want so bad
but it's these things in the end that I wished I'd never had


Ooklah The Punk

ooklah the punk was going to the show
ooklah the punk fought lou ferrigno
ooklah the punk was struggling for some lyrics
ooklah the punk says anything that fits
now you're lying in the gutter
hates his father and his mother
oh your skin is just like butter
ooklah the punk

ooklah the punk hates everywhere he goes
ooklah the punk says what do you know?
ooklah the punk says how do you do?
ooklah the punk says I am better than you
smoking drinking now he's thinking
feeling like he should be kneeling
sees damnation wants salvation
ooklah the punk

I want to be saved like you and I want to be your friend too

ooklah the punk went to a revival
ooklah the punk bought himself a new bible
ooklah the punk he reads it everyday
ooklah the punk says yippee kie yay
now we're at the end of the story
on a one way trip to glory
now everything is hunky dory...
ooklah the punk


Tract Boy

I saw her there, walking on the street,
I said "Excuse me, there's someone you ought to meet,
you ought to meet"
She came up to me, "Whatcha have to say?"
I said "Jesus" and she turned and walked away,
she walked away

and she said "no,"
"and I don't even want to know"

I chased her down, beside her on the street,
she said "Oh you, I thought I left you, leave me be,
just leave me be."
"Well just one more thing,"
I handed her a tract,
she took one look at it and then she turned her back,
and that was that

can't you see, that your soul means something to me
happy you can be, take the gift that he has here for free


Scared Am I

She's late for the first time
she don't know where she is
she doesn't know where to go
lost in her driving, angry and crying
she don't know what she knows
how could this happen
she thought she was careful
a tear comes into her eye
now lost on a strange road
she pulls to a dead stop
she bows her head and starts to cry

She starts to cry, she says, "Scared Am I"

She gets out of her car
she steps out in the cold
and thinks of what she's been through
no one around her
no one to help her
to tell her what she should do
"am I alone now?"
"am I disowned now?"
she stares into the clouded sky
rain starts to fall down
mixing with her tears
she falls on her knees and starts to cry

the rain smooth and steady
falls on to her face
the rain it seems to be quite warm
she can't help but wonder
the soft rumbling thunder
the soothing rain despite the storm
is trying to tell her
that things will be better
there's hope that springs into her eye
she knows in her future
that things will be all right
she lifts her head and starts to cry



me and Samson go to the store
and ole Samson leaves craters in the floor
me and Samson walk around town
and clumsy Samson knocked several buildings down

me and Samson we're best of friends
me and Samson until the end

me and Samson go on a double date
but you know it didn't turn out that great
me and my date are romantically impaired
but ole Samson he lost all of his hair

There is this girl and her name is Delilah
she's a philistine and she's such a big liar

me and Samson are no longer friends
cause ole Samson has met his end
man, I'd really hate to burst your bubble
but it goes to show you

me and Samson were best of friends
me and Samson until the end


Shrinky Dinks

Last night I laid in bed and thought about it all
what was it that had made us fall
I don't regret anything that I said to you
the choice we made was something we already knew
and I'm finding...

Yesterday you know will never go away
it's best to leave behind
if we want to find ourselves some piece of mind

Yesterday was when we were happy
for tomorrow there is hope
but today is hard and lonely so it goes

I have to set what I want for us all aside
without that it would be a lie
I know inside now where I am that this is right
from here on out it will be hard I can't deny

And yes I am afraid, of what I can't foresee
will you still be there?
will you be the same, will those feeling change?
these thoughts I cannot bear

Do you stop to think about a
time when we were without doubt
when love was something new and so unknown?

Can we call ourselves just friends cause
why should this just have to end
and do you know why I must be alone?


Spice Drops

God, God He sent his Son to save us from the evil one
bought by blood begotten Son for faith is free and very fun
God God God God God God God God God
God God God God God God God God
Whoo Hoo!



my little sunshine sleeps beneath the oak
the forest denizens seem to smile
when I came near she awoke
she gazed at me with eyes of guile
we walked out to the grassy knoll
my heart runs and leaps like a deer
compared to her the fairest are droll
her singing in the breeze was all to hear, singing

I love money, money money money,
money money money, tons and tons of money,
money money money, money money money,
I love money more than my little honey

now after hearing those words from my cutie
I was wounded and I wanted to cry
she doesn't like me or my beauty
she started singing and drew neigh
she held my hand and whispered in my ear
you're the only one for me in my life
now, how much money did you make this year
those words cut me like a butter knife

now I was taken by a big surprise
looking at her trying to read her soul
the color of greed was in her eyes
she seemed to be under money's control
now strolling away she looked back at me
I've seen that look before
staring at her I came to see
standing in front of her she wanted money more


Super Sumo

I flip the channels on TV and see some sumos on the screen
I know now what I want to be
I'll put my hair all up in braids, I'll get to eat food all the day
and for this I will get big pay

I'm a full fledged sumo wrestler wanna-be
even if you keep on making fun of me
but you know that's all I'll ever try to be

I'll be a "big" celebrity, and "big" is really what I mean
and you know that this is my dream
no one will ever pick on me, what they will feel is jealousy
when I win that champion trophy

One day I'll be there fighting for the USA
My whole country routing for me to save the day
My opponents will fight in fear when they take me on
The glorious day when I am crowned Grand Champion

I flip the channels on TV, and see some sumos on the screen
I know now what I want to be
I'll be a "big" celebrity, and "big" is really what I mean
and you know that this is my dream


Knock Knock

knock knock
who's there?
boo who?
why are you crying?

knock knock
who's there?
ach who?
why are you sneezing?

this song will make you mad
worst song we've ever had
this song will make you insane
it'll put warts on your brain

knock knock
who's there?
orange who?
aren't you glad I didn't say banana?

knock knock
who's there
ghoti who?
that annoying band!


Dry Run

Chicken legs and scrambled eggs
potato chips in onion dip
are things I eat for breakfast everyday

honey ham and soggy spam
jimmy dean with refried beans
help me to get started on my way

boys and girls you better be cautious
cause you know I'm feeling nauseous
and you know my face is turning green

Roasted goose in pickle juice
hamburger in vinegar
are thing I like to eat during lunch

jellyfish with bacon bits
pork and beans with shaving cream
are things you know I really like to munch

onion rings, burger king, winter coats, bars of soap, lava lamps, postage
stamps, broken jars, foreign cars, carpet hair, tupperware, saxophones,
cobblestones, electric eels, stainless steel

banana splits with southern grits
throat lozenges with sausages
are supper meals that really taste yummy

chocolate malts with cubes of salt and
crepe suzette made from insects
are things I like to put in my tummy



Got a phone call on this rainy night
it was a call that I'd dread for all my life
my son was driving on a winding road
when he lost control

My mind is spinning all around in circles
and I think to myself,

Never I know what tomorrow brings with it
never I know what's in store
but all I know is my faith to never lose
no never, no never

Finally get there, to the twisted wreck
I see my son with a bloody broken neck
I take his hand and place it near my heart
and his last words were,

"Don't worry dad, I'll see you someday"
and he died in my arms

His breath has left him, and his eyes have closed
Oh my son, now your body's growing cold
tears are pouring, falling from my face
and I shut my eyes

So sorrow starts to seep in my sad soul
so I say to myself,

Never I know what tomorrow brings with it
never I knew what's in store
but all I know is my faith to never lose
no never, no never